Sorry, no tours available due to Covid-19 pandemic (Greenock)

Greenock tour (image © Inverclyde Council)

On this tour you will visit the historic town of Greenock, see a viewpoint (Free French Memorial) and have the opportunity of touring two outstanding buildings.

Greenock is the largest town in Inverclyde. During this tour you will learn how it grew from modest beginnings to be a town of importance in cross Atlantic trade and transport. You will see its fine riverside Esplanade and a hill-top view point. Your guides will give you a flavour of Greenock’s history and how people live here. You will have an opportunity to visit interesting places not always open to the public: a church with an unusual past
Lyle Kirk, Esplanade Building and our splendid Town Hall, built to impress and still in daily use.

We are sure that our tour guides, who know the area intimately, will leave you knowing a lot more about this small Scottish town, but equally importantly, feeling that you have had an unusual and enjoyable insight into our area.

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