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Welcome to this directory of the statues, street art, urban art, memorials street architecture located in Inverclyde.

To help you on your way, we have compiled a PDF booklet which we hope you will find beneficial whilst navigating our ‘statue trail’. Download HERE

The work was commissioned by the Local Area Tourism Partnership (LATP) and completed by volunteers from the Inverclyde Tourist Group (ITG).

It seeks to provide the student, enthusiast, historian, scholar and the local population with a comprehensive catalogue, detailing location, sponsors, responsible artist, history and background of all the listed pieces.

Historically, statues & memorials have generally been erected by public or private subscription to commemorate famous heroes and individuals who have made their mark on the world. Civic pride being at its peak when the subject celebrated is a ‘son’ of the locale.

Recent convention has witnessed a renaissance in civic pride, celebrating local history, traditions or simply to improve the environment through permanent architectural structures promoting a sense of identity and ambition.

Inverclyde’s economic regeneration has also recognised the role that art can play by engaging with people. Art can help foster local identity and a ‘sense of place’, it can create links between diverse interests, and inspire discovery, inquisitiveness and learning.

Inverclyde can now claim to possess an abundance of permanent reminders of our history and our ambitions for a positive future to the population.

The scope of the directory embraces the geographic area of Inverclyde, defined as, Greenock, Gourock, Port Glasgow, Inverkip, Kilmalcolm & Quarriers (Village between Kilmalcolm & Bridge of Weir) & Weymss Bay

Included are statues, memorials, street art, urban art, street architecture &

other miscellaneous features.

It is hoped that this directory will serve as a useful reference and encourage further study and involvement.

Should users identify errors, omissions or can provide more precise details then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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Statues | Memorials | St. Art | Plaques | Cairns | Fountains | St. Furniture

Port Glasgow

Statues | Memorials | St. Art | Plaques | Cairns | Fountains | St. Furniture

Kilmacolm & Quarriers

Statues | Memorials | St. Art | Plaques | Cairns | Fountains | St. Furniture

Weymss Bay & Inverkip

Statues | Memorials | St. Art | Plaques | Cairns | Fountains | St. Furniture

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Research: ITG members, Adrian Howlett, Ann MacLeod, Eleanor Robertson & Bob Webster.

Photography: John Macleod

Historical competence: Vincent Gillen - Social history Curator, McLean Museum Greenock

IT support: Andy Steen (ITG)

Sponsors: Rosemary Grace of Inverclyde Council (LATP) and Discover Inverclyde

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